Aaron Keane is a composer, producer and engineer of music. His 20 years of experience includes album projects, TV commercials, Broadcast TV, Film and New Media. As an engineer, he has worked with a diverse group of musical artists, from Folk singer/ song writer Shawn Colvin to Hip Hop vocalist Mos Def. As a composer/ producer, he has made music for several TV networks including HBO, Amazon, PBS, Discovery and TLC.  Currently specializing in music production/ supervision for story tellers.
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Recent News

Composer/ music producer for the Emmy winning film A Year In Space for PBS/ Time, 2017.

Composer/ music producer for 'Lore', series for Amazon, 2017.

Composer/ music producer for the Emmy winning series 'Twice Born, Stories from the Special Delivery Unit', 2016.

Composer/ music producer for the PBS special 'The Day The 60s Died', 2015.

Composer/ music producer for 2 short films for TED, Science and Wonder, Town Hall, NYC, Nov 2015

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Personal Statement

When I was 7, I saw a group of children who had studied the Suzuki Violin method perform at my school.  That day I came home and told my mother I wanted to play violin. After a short stint with lessons I decided to play guitar and later electric bass. In high school, I played in rock bands and became interested in the sound of records.  I decided I wanted to work in the recording business when I was 17 as an intern at a small 8 track studio In New Jersey. I set up microphones, made coffee and cleaned toilets - I was hooked. Later in college and grad school, I continued to study music and also worked doing live sound and making recordings with local musicians and bands. I quickly learned that managing the technology was only a component of a skill set that I would need to develop to do this kind of work. The real challenge is managing the delicate inter-personal relationships required for the creative process.

After graduate school at NYU, touring and recording with the rock band A.D (Enemy/ Rage Records), I began my professional career as an assistant engineer in the music studios of New York City. I learned the craft of traditional analog multitrack recording from renowned music producers, Joe Blaney, George Drakoulias, Eddie Kramer, Steve Thompson, Mitchell Froom, John Leventhal and Steve Addabbo while working on projects for artists Jack Black, Babe The Blue Ox, Suzanne Vega, Neil Finn and Shawn Colvin. Later as a staff engineer at a studio (Cutting Room, NYC) specializing in hip hop and urban music, I had the opportunity to work with artists including: Digital Underground, Nas, Mos Def and The Pharcyde. All the while, playing bass and guitar for independent and unsigned artists both in the studio and on the stage around New York City.

As a staff member at Jarvis studios, I worked on projects by U2, Patti Smith, Susan Tedeschi and Los Lobos. Gradually I moved in to audio post production at Radical Media with TV commercials for Kill Bill, Cold Mountain, Gangs of New York and Chicago. It was in this setting that I began to work with advertising agencies and people creating content for broadcast and the web. After a few scoring gigs for small time independent films and videos I got the bug to score for the moving image.

In 2004 I moved to North Carolina to work with Trailblazer Studios.  I was given a fantastic opportunity to work on a vast array of projects. The highlights include several of the projects listed above, but also include some not so glamorous audio work. Doing ADR, dialog, mixing and lots of editing have given me a solid knowledge base of the entire post production process. Working on music in the context of a series has also given me a unique perspective on workflow and process. Beyond my technical skills, I work directly with editors, producers, writers and directors to help to tell a story. 

Please see my Selected Credits page for a detailed list of credits.